Lita Cabellut - Black Tulip

“The Golden Age was a period of passion and revolution in the human mind and is a
wonderful historical moment with an unprecedented diversity of features: passion, longing, sensuality, freedom as well as protest. It was a period of revolution in human rights, art and science and in politics ''. 

“To me, the Black Tulip symbolises the Dutch people’s mercantile spirit. They succeeded in turning something as transitory, vulnerable and unpredictable as the tulip into something of value, with such determination. The belief in the possibility of the black tulip is still a symbol of the willingness and entrepreneurship to explore new worlds.” LITA CABELLUT 2014

From 12 March till April 2nd 2017, the  works of the internationally famous Spanish Artist Lita Cabellut, who resides in the Netherlands, will be exposed in our gallery. 
The Black Tulip is inspired by the Dutch Masters and the famous philosophers of the Golden Age. Once again Cabellut establishes an even more profound symbiosis between the classical portrait Art and the modern techniques in this series. In big portraits of Calvinists, Puritans, Protestants and Catholics the differences in attitude, clothing and expression of vision on the world are shown in a very subtle, yet clear way. The everlasting search for the perfect Black Tulip not only expresses the sophisticated character of the Dutch Merchandise spirit, but also the search for the perfection in light and colour in Art.

Opening Sunday 12 March only on invitation



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