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Bert Frijns and Helene Briels & Marc Lagrange

Bert Frijns and Helene Briels & Varied works

Bert Frijns
Bert Frijns works with ordinary window glass in all kinds of thicknesses. By heating this material, and then to stretch, bend and to push, he creates aesthetic, minimal forms. The monumental glass objects appear, especially if they are filled with water, to absorb their environment in a fascinating way and reproduce. Want to know more about Bert? Click HERE


Marc Lagrange
Thanks to a close collaboration with Atelier Marc Lagrange, we are pleased to present you with 2 new art photos. Of course, these photos are provided with a certificate of authenticity.

Helene Briels
Helene Briels picks up small pieces of paper that she has first colored. In this case, they use different colors for the inside and outside. This causes movement to work and offers an unbearable game of color and movement. Looking from every side it becomes a different work. Want to see more works of Helene? Click HERE


Opening Saturday 20th of May at 15:00 hours

COLOURFALL by Peter Zimmermann & Michel Seuphor – Orakel der Abstracten

COLOURFALL by Peter Zimmermann & Michel Seuphor – Orakel der Abstracten

COLOURFALL by exhibition Peter Zimmermann
Michel Seuphor – Orakel der Abstracten by Majke Hüsstege Projects

Peter Zimmermann
"The original image from which I go is necessary because I do not want to think about something or make a setting out of my stomach, and because it opposes me during the painting process. So I need this original picture. This can be a photo I made myself or a file I found on the web. I believe the recognition of the painting is not decisive for the enjoyment of the painted image. The laid track must be enough. I find the processes of enlightenment, blurring and mystification, which are a decisive part of the work process, much more exciting. For the viewer, it can be a pleasure to reverse the process of misunderstanding and to decipher the traces of the machinery that melts the whole thing and make it visible again''. - Peter Zimmermann



Michel Seuphor – Orakel der Abstracten by Majke Hüsstege Projects
In 2017 it is exactly 100 years ago that Piet Mondriaan, Theo van Doesburg and Bart van der Leck, brought out the first edition of 'De Stijl'. In this art magazine they published their ideas. In collaboration with guest curator Majke Hüsstege Projects grabs Mark Peet Visser Gallery this anniversary to organize an exhibition on Michel Seuphor - Oracle of Abstracts.
More info klik HERE

Opening Exhibition: April 9th at 15:00 hours

Lita Cabellut - Black Tulip

Lita Cabellut - Black Tulip

“The Golden Age was a period of passion and revolution in the human mind and is a
wonderful historical moment with an unprecedented diversity of features: passion, longing, sensuality, freedom as well as protest. It was a period of revolution in human rights, art and science and in politics ''. 

“To me, the Black Tulip symbolises the Dutch people’s mercantile spirit. They succeeded in turning something as transitory, vulnerable and unpredictable as the tulip into something of value, with such determination. The belief in the possibility of the black tulip is still a symbol of the willingness and entrepreneurship to explore new worlds.” LITA CABELLUT 2014

From 12 March till April 2nd 2017, the  works of the internationally famous Spanish Artist Lita Cabellut, who resides in the Netherlands, will be exposed in our gallery. 
The Black Tulip is inspired by the Dutch Masters and the famous philosophers of the Golden Age. Once again Cabellut establishes an even more profound symbiosis between the classical portrait Art and the modern techniques in this series. In big portraits of Calvinists, Puritans, Protestants and Catholics the differences in attitude, clothing and expression of vision on the world are shown in a very subtle, yet clear way. The everlasting search for the perfect Black Tulip not only expresses the sophisticated character of the Dutch Merchandise spirit, but also the search for the perfection in light and colour in Art.

Opening Sunday 12 March only on invitation



Jimmy Nelson - Before they pass away

Jimmy Nelson - Before they pass away

On Sunday the 15th of January is Mark Peet Visser Gallery welcoming the famous photographer Jimmy Nelson with his spectacular exhibition: Before they pass away.

Jimmy’s ambition and mission is to make an iconic document of indigenous cultures and to leave a visual heritage for present and future generations. He wants to create an aesthetic photographic and film document that will stand the test of time. His work will be a catalyst for further discussion as to the authenticity and beauty of these fragile disappearing cultures.

What Jimmy Nelson is showing us with his pictures and stories, is just the tip of the iceberg. He has consciously chosen fragile communities, based on their geographical and traditional extravagance, but above all for their illuminating beauty. 

Entrance opening: Only with invitation!

Preview exhibition:
January 12th till January 14th 2017


Christmas Wonders - Tjalf Sparnaay & Kobe

Christmas Wonders - Tjalf Sparnaay & Kobe

Sunday, December 11 at 15:00 hours

In the spotlight:
Tjalf Sparnaay, Photography | Kobe, Retrospective
Annemarie Busschers, Portrets | Bert Frijns, Glass sculptures

During this exhibition, the photography of Tjalf Sparnaay and a retrospective of Kobe are central.

15.30 - Opening of the exhibition "Urban Works of Art" of Tjalf Sparnaay by Ralph Keuning,             museum director of de Fundatie

16.30 - Presentation of the new book "Kobe: Ingenious Simplicity" by Johan Debruyne,
            art critic

During this opening you can enjoy live music and drinks & bites.

RSVP before Tuesday, December 6th to:

The exhibition is open from Sunday 11 till Friday 23 of December 2016 and from
Thursday 5 till Sunday 8 January 2017.

The gallery is closed on Saturday 24th of December till Wednesday 4th of January 2017.


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