Toon Laurense (Venray, the Netherlands, 1958) is a painter who reveres the secrets of his oil paint. Each of his paintings offers new insights into the wonders imagination can work with material: with man and paint His paintings are brought about, not concocted. There is only a preliminary premonition which is prone to change before the first brushstroke for the foundation is put on canvas. 

In the past he made paintings which were mathematically mapped out. He has abandoned this method, however, and now trusts his natural faculties: his body, mind and intuition in relation to the canvas. It is like a language without auxiliaries
 , music without key or rhythm. It evolves from nothing. 

Upon closer examination each piece of the painting reveals itself to be a complex work. It consists of a multitude of layers, a wide array of colours and of a virtuoso display of a wide variety of techniques; the paint is applied, torn apart, folded, curled up, and smeared out. The basics of the art of painting have evolved into a display of virtuosity that varies from festive pleasure to thoughtful seriousness, and is always experienced with utmost attention. 




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