Sylvestre was born in a forest of towering oaks in 1977. He spent most of his childhood climbing trees and observing nature and later surfing waves around the globe. He was an artist from birth, always working with materials and tools in his hands, letting his imagination do the rest. He is extremely sensitive, perceptive and a bit shy.

He graduated from the Accademia Belle Arti of Carrara and then worked in various institutional art studios in Pietrasanta, Italy where he mastered his techniques of carving marble, especially to create monumental pieces. His sculptures now feature in public and private collections in the major cultural capitals around the globe, including  Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Dubai and, of course, Pietrasanta, where he works and lives today.

According to Sylvestre, “Art is energy, food for your spirit. I make abstract sculptures to connect with your inner spirit and trigger your subconscious mind to feel the form, the matter, the space and the energy. I don’t make sculptures for your intellect, so you don’t have to think when observing; you just have to feel with your emotions. It acts as a charger. The more energy you take in for your spirit, the more power you get for your mind and the better you feel… (And there is no risk. You can take as much as you want; it’s not dangerous!)

My inspiration comes from nature, life, movements and energy, observing people dancing, animals running, waves in the ocean or even making love… It’s dynamic, it’s strong, it’s pure... I draw suggestive and intuitive lines to interact with your fantasy, your mind in the space; you are part of the space and you become part of the sculpture. Each sculpture is meant for a certain place. No matter how big, intimate or public, it makes people feel good.”



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