Layer, after layer, after layer, after layer …….. Sander Reijgers is fascinated by the material and the act. Unstirred, he applies the layers of paint and is only limited by time (the paint has to dry interim) and by the shape the paint takes. Reijgers patiently follows this process and is almost subject to his own work. The paint follows the act and the paintroller with which it is applied. Very organically, apparant monochrome compositions arise, which closely show their rich tints, because underneath the upper layer, countless other layers appear. They are partly visible because of the wholes the paintroller left on the canvas. Moreover, the structure of the canvas competely and autonomously arises out of the endless repetition of the act. Bumps, paintlumps, everything is possible, as long as it arises from the act. At the end of this proces, the image is independant of the creator and the material. The final result seems to be a simple act which, on closer inspection, is far more layered and represents months of work.

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