Ronald A. Westerhuis


According to Ronald A. Westerhuis (Tiel, the Netherlands, 1971) , he "accidentally" became an artist. After years of travelling, he went to work in the offshore industry. On the oil platforms he developed his sense of beauty. "One day I started to manipulate steel and create shapes. I've found that steel fits my character: it is strong and stubborn but sensitive" explains Westerhuis.

In design and effect he strives for perfection. Some of his images can be seen as enlarged atoms that emit a positive energy. The surface is carefully sanded, equipped with various patterns and, where appropriate, polished. In addition, there are concave shapes which provide for pulsating dynamics.

Westerhuis gets his inspiration from people in their daily grind. When he is commissioned work, he finds it crucial to get a sense of the area where the work will be displayed. He wants to build landmarks to local residents, passers-by and visitors, to give them a different view of the surroundings. His aim is to use images to enhance the character and identity of a particular place and to invite positive thoughts or meaningful conversation.

Works by Ronald A. Westerhuis are found in museums and in the collections of major international collectors.

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