"I always see, even with my eyes closed."

Marc Lagrange (Kinshasa, Congo, 1957) has dedicated his life and work to the medium of photography since the 1980s. His particular style has undeniably made him an asset to the current scene of photography art. Marc Lagrange’s photographs are intriguing and they tell stories that allow the viewer himself to fill in the 'plot'. His subjects are often beautiful, partially undressed women. Marc Lagrange was inspired by women; they were the catalyst for his creativity. Their fantastic performances make the viewer curious. Yet they remain untouchable and unapproachable, as if the photographer wants to create a distance between the viewer and his subjects. Intimacy is still present, but only in the staging. Sometimes the photographs are sweltering and risqué, but class and dignity always dominate. Lagrange found it very important to create an atmosphere in his pictures in which the viewer seems to be on a film set. A picture must be pure. Lagrange preferred black-and-white-only photographs because this keeps the picture ‘clear’. His works are an ode to beauty and they have multiple editions; price per edition.




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