The work of the artist Lita Cabellut (1961) is characterized mostly by a profound and sincere acceptance of mankind.
In her portraits the subjects appear with all the facets that form their personality, whether these are the shadows of memory or the light of purity. Whether she portrays famous people, such as Charlie Chaplin, Coco Chanel or Frida Kahlo, or anonymous personalities, they all reveal this strong and touching quality that makes us who we are, human beings. The beautiful larger-than-life-sized portraits show a deep knowledge of life and of the traces history leaves on the skin. This is the gentleness and wisdom of an artist who faced a youth on the streets of Barcelona. There she learned the magic of fantasy. Later, an adoption into a well-to-do family introduced her to the world of the great artists of the Prado Madrid. Finally, an emigration to the Netherlands provided her with the ‘Dutch Light’ and the insight into logic, reason and tolerance between cultures, as well as the concentration and peace to develop artistically.

Lita Cabellut has been represented throughout the world in different museums, in the USA, India, Seoul, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Her work has a unique and significant quality that is characterised by a combination of oil painting and fresco technique and the influences of new materials and techniques.


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