The paintings from Jacqueline Bozon (1966) transformed over time. Traveling and moving around in South America, Asia and Africa have made a lasting impression on her and have given her a lot of positive energy and inspiration. Life is different under the Mediterranean sun, the light and colors feel different there. The mostly monochrome material art of painting, is illustrative for the early period in her life, and made way for more colorful abstract compositions.

Painting became a focused search for the new depth and possibilities of the medium. Bozon uses natural pigments, sand, news articles, different sorts of colored paper, they all carry beautiful memories of all parts of the world which she brought home to her studio. Her choices for color in her work are stunning. Beautiful intense red, yellow, green and blue lines are extraordinarily beautiful next to each other on the canvas. Colors explain the emotions and the state of mind. 

Jacqueline Bozon's technical research of painting develops very quickly. Along the way she becomes more and more aware of her choices and even stronger in applying the techniques and colors to her work. She makes us part of her way of thinking, feeling and touching, which she translates in her paintings. And in these paintings everything is related!  


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