Isabel Miramontes

was born in Santiago de Compostella (Spain).
This eminent place of pilgrimage still fascinates her and remains for her a magical area. The artist studied in Belgium, graduated from Fine Arts at the Institut Sainte Marie. She continued her training at the Fine Arts Academy of Saint-Gilles, where she acquired a solid experience of drawing and sketching from live models. She retained from this experience the need to fix at any moment the human body's movements, poses and impressions, jotting them down in numerous sketchpads. These are the many testimonies of the subtle and discerning eye she casts around her. Soon sculpture became her preferred mode of expression, to which she has devoted herself ever since. Every day, Isabel Miramontes shuts herself up in her studio. There, she fervently fashions the clay, explores new shapes to give body to her interior life and convey her vision of the world. The body, posture, movement and the living essence of a human are all central aspects of Miramontes’ work. For her, sculpture is not a block of material needing to be shaped. Sculpture is an empty space onto which the artist projects a surface. The scope of Miramontes’ characters, with their faces mere abstract representations, is both metaphorical and metaphysical. For Miramontes, human existence, which is both tangible yet impalpable is made of flesh and bone and this essential emptiness which constitutes our emotions. Miramontes admirably captures the gesture and posture of this experience of the body transcended by spirit.


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