Eric van Straaten (Haarlem, 1969) allows only full-colour 3D printed images. The digital domain has infinite possibilities and the computer takes us ever further away of manual labour. One might therefore think that the hand of the maker has lost its importance. With full-colour 3D printing, however, currently the opposite is true. According to Van Straaten, creating these images presents such a technical challenge that the journey from design to finished product can be described as a highly labour-intensive 'craft'. “As far as I know,” he states, “I'm the only artist working at this level, with this particular technique.”

“In my work, I'm inspired by pop culture and I try to combine elements that cause alienation. I strive for physical expressiveness, while maintaining a degree of digital sense. The extras in my work are completely virtual. Like Barbie dolls, they will never be real humans, nor are they based on real people.






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