Ahmet Güneştekin (Batman, south-eastern, Turkey, 1966) is an artist who follows unconventional methods in painting and sculpting. Inspired by ancient legends of Anatolia, Greece and Mesopotamia, he makes abstract paintings and sculptures that offer insight into humanity’s main issues.

After founding his studio in Beyoğlu in 1997, the artist experimented with the new ways to practice art. His paintings, showcased in Colours After Darkness in 2003, reveal his understanding of aesthetics.

The documentary films he has made in more recent years form the basis upon which he finds his own artistic voice. He explores ancient legends and oral histories retold for centuries in the cities of Anatolia. His explorations in the film-making process have paved the way for the creation of his video installations.

In 2013, Güneştekin joined Marlborough Gallery. The exhibition Momentum of Memory, in which his video art and installations were showcased at Arsenale in Venice, marked his debut into the international art world.

Güneştekin’s works have been displayed in New York, Venice, Hong Kong, Madrid, Monaco, Barcelona and Amsterdam. The artist is also represented in a wide range of international contemporary art fairs, such as Arco Madrid, The Armory Show, Art Breda, Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Basel Miami, Art Market Budapest and KunstRAI.




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